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Friday, May 9, 2008

Thing #23- Wrapping it up

Yeah!!! It's over!!!

I'm really glad this challenge is over. I needed a lot of help with several challenges.
It was nice to be able to show my niece my blog though. I felt very tech savvy.
If she only knew.

I think most of these "Things" could be useful in the appropriate instances.

I think that Web Apps and Learn about Wiki's may be the most useful. It could make
in-house communication easier. I would just need a lot of practice and patience.

Thank-you for sharing this with us.

Thing #22- ListenNJ

This one was hard. I had to watch someone else download it because all I ended up getting
were excerpts. I didn't like the psychedelic show either. I'd rather join the homeborrowers
or the books by mail service and get the books on cd from the library.

Thing #21- Finding and listening to podcasts

This comes in handy also. If you don't have time to keep up to date
with things you can listen to or view them later. I guess this would be really
good for education and blind people. Having your favorite tunes
at hand would also be nice.

Thing #20- Youtube and you

I came across this website and really enjoyed watching him. Someone had suggested
that I watch this program on YouTube. It's like watching a show you didn't get a chance
to see.
I can see how this can be beneficial with marketing the library and it's programs.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thing #19- Web 2.0 Awards

I enjoyed looking through the Web 2.0 Awards categories. I liked that it gave you
choices to choose from. This way you can find something that is more to your needs.
I did search several categories and found that I was most interested in these three.
(Real Estate, Mapping and Travel) I can see how the color wheel can be of
service to people who have a need to match colors for something.
I also noticed some of the categories we've practiced with the Web Challenge.
Flickr, widgets and technorati to name a few.

Thing #18- Web Apps.

I was able to do this one easily. I didn't play with this a lot, but I think it would be very easy
to use. It would be more beneficial and easy for groups to communicate their ideas.
(save them a lot of time)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thing #17- Play in the Sandbox

This wasn't easy for me. Once I got into the sandbox, it was easy and fun to design my own "thing".
I got really confused when I actually had to post something though. Someone else had to help me. I believe I also ended up invading other peoples projects??? I don't really know how I did it and if anyone is offended, I apologize, it wasn't done on purpose.
If I ever need to do this again, I hope to get a lot more instruction and time to practice.

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